Life Is A Highway Again - Tom Cochrane

Life Is A Highway Again

Tom Cochrane ‘s in a good place. His first album in six years. No Stranger, is out today. He’s fresh from a summer in which his 1991 anthemic hit, Life is a Highway, was enjoying its second run in the Top 10 chart,at the hands of Rascal Flatts in the movie Cars.

Cochrane excited by new label

Cochrane Excited By New Label

Tom Cochrane’s first album in eight years, “No Stranger,” and first for Universal Music Canada, debuted on the Canadian retail charts at No. 25 with first-week sales of just over 3000,
according to Nielsen SoundScan Canada. This week, it scanned just over 1400 copies.

Kidsday Talking With Tom Cochrane

Kidsday Talking With Tom Cochrane

NOVEMBER 08 1992 ANJALI DUNI, DIANA LOBOSCO, VANESSA JEREMIAH – KIDSDAY STAFF REPORTERS We interviewed recording artist Tom Cochrane while he was on Long Island recently. His solo debut album “Mad Mad World” features the current hit single “Life Is a Highway.” He is a very dedicated artist who does all his own writing and…

Cochrane Rides Highway Into States - Tom Cochrane Article

Cochrane Rides Highway Into States

TORONTO – After the chart-topping Canadian success of Tom Cochrane’s album “Mad Mad World,” largely on the strength of its leadoff single, Life Is A Highway,” one could almost expect this would be the year of a long awaited U.S. breakthrough for the ex-Red Rider front man.

Review: Tom Cochrane; The Smithereens

Former Red Rider vocalist Tom Cochrane said a fan encouraged him to play more Red Rider “covers” after a recent show. That comment is pretty indicative of what an enigma Cochrane is to American audiences. While mining multiplatinum awards and No. 1 records in his native Canada, he’s still looking for his breakthrough in the United States.